Applications of polyacrylamide

Jun 29, 2023

1. Water treatment field


Water treatment includes raw water treatment, sewage treatment and industrial water treatment. It can be used in combination with activated carbon in raw water treatment to coagulate and clarify suspended particles in domestic water. If organic flocculant acrylamide is used instead of inorganic flocculant, the water purification capacity can be increased by more than 20% even if the sedimentation tank is not modified.


In sewage treatment, the use of polyacrylamide can increase the utilization rate of water reuse cycle, and can also be used as sludge dewatering. It is used as an important formulation agent in industrial water treatment. The largest application of polyacrylamide in foreign countries is water treatment, and the domestic application in this field is being promoted.


2. Application in oil exploitation


Polyacrylamide is a kind of multifunctional oilfield chemical treatment agent, which is widely used in the process of drilling, cementing, completion, workover, fracturing, acidification, water injection, water plugging and profile control, tertiary oil recovery, especially in the field of drilling, water plugging and tertiary oil recovery. Polyacrylamide aqueous solution has high viscosity, good thickening, flocculation and rheological regulation, and is used as oil displacement agent and drilling mud regulator in oil exploitation.


3. Paper industry


Polyacrylamide is widely used in the field of paper making as retention agent, filter aid, levelling agent, etc., to improve the quality of paper, slurry dehydration performance, fine fiber and filler retention, reduce raw material consumption and environmental pollution, as a dispersant, can improve the uniformity of paper.

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