• Oil Exploration
    Oil Exploration
    Petroleum is our important energy and chemical raw material, and has a pivotal position in the national economy. Chinese polymer flooding oil quantity ranks first in the world. Become the world's largest polymer flooding oil production country. At present, the international crude oil price continues...
  • Water treatment industry
    Water treatment industry
    Polyacrylamide amide group and many substances affinity, adsorption to form hydrogen bonds, relatively high molecular weight polyacrylamide in the adsorption of ions between the formation of bridging, generating floc, accelerated particle settlement. Compared with the traditional inorganic flocculan...
  • Paper industry
    Paper industry
    ● Market demand Polyacrylamide is mainly used in the paper industry in the following aspects:   1. Improve the retention rate of feed and dye to reduce the loss of raw materials and environmental pollution;   2. improve the dry strength and wet strength of paper;   3. as long fiber pa...
  • Coal washing
    Coal washing
    Coal washing Polyacrylamide (PAM) is also commonly used in the coal washing process to improve the efficiency of solid-liquid separation and reduce water consumption. Coal washing involves the removal of impurities from coal, such as ash, sulfur, and rock debris, to improve its quality and reduce en...
  • Incense Making
    Incense Making
    Polyacrylamide has a strong adhesive force, can enhance the flexural strength and flexibility of the incense.
  • Other fields
    Other fields
    ● Textile As a textile aid, polyacrylamide can be used as textile coating stock, after sizing can reduce the cloth machine short head and fall off, enhance the anti-static property of textiles. ● Dressing In addition to coal preparation, polyacrylamide is also widely used in the mining of gold, silv...
  • The Usages of Polyacrylamide
    The Usages of Polyacrylamide
    Uses In the 1970s and 1980s, the proportionately largest use of these polymers was in water treatment.The next major application by weight is additives for pulp processing and papermaking. About 30% of polyacrylamide is used in the oil and mineral industries. Flocculation One of the largest uses for...
  • Application of Polyacrylamide in Sugar Making
    Application of Polyacrylamide in Sugar Making
    Polyacrylamide is a versatile polymer that finds numerous in various industries, including sugar making. Here are some potential applications of polyacrylamide in the sugar making process:   1. Juice clarification: Polyacrylamide can be used as a flocculant in the juice clarification step....
  • Application of Polyacrylamide in Processing Plant Wastewater Treatment
    Application of Polyacrylamide in Processing Plant Wastewater Treatment
    Polyacrylamide (PAM) is widely used polymer in various industries including wastewater treatment. In processing plant wastewater treatment, PAM can applied in several ways to improve the efficiency of the treatment process. Here are some common applications of polyacrylamide in processing plant...
  • Application of Polyacrylamide in Sludge dewatering
    Application of Polyacrylamide in Sludge dewatering
    Polyacrylamide (PAM) is commonly in sludge dewatering processes due to its excellent flocculation and dewatering properties. Sludge dewatering is a crucial step in wastewater treatment and other industries where sludge is generated.   Here are some applications of polyacrylamide in sl...
  • Application of Polyacrylamide in Mining
    Application of Polyacrylamide in Mining
    Polyacrylamide (PAM) is a versatile chemical compound with various applications in the mining industry. Its unique properties make it useful in several processes, including mineral processing, wastewater treatment, and dust control. Here are some specific applications of polyacrylamide in minin...
  • Application of Polyacrylamide in Incense Making
    Application of Polyacrylamide in Incense Making
    Polyacrylamide, a type of synthetic polymer, has several applications in various industries, but it is not commonly used in incense making. Traditional incense formulations typically consist of natural ingredients such as aromatic resins, herbs, spices, and binders.    Polyacrylamide ...
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