Polyacrylamide product characteristics

Jul 21, 2023

1. Dry powder polyacrylamide characteristics:


(1) Good serialization, more possible choices for users;


(2) The quality is stable, the unit dosage is low, and the cost-effective advantage is obvious;


(3) High-quality functional products to ensure the harsh requirements of high-speed operating equipment.


2. Emulsion polyacrylamide features:


(1) Interconnecting network structure, strong flocculation ability, wide PH adaptation range;


(2) The rate of flocculation, the consolidation of flocs, and the water content between flocs are small;


(3) The solid recovery rate is high, and the floating matter content of the supernatant is low;


(4) Very fast dissolution, solution preparation only takes 30-60min;


(5) For dehydration, it can improve the degree of mud cookies by 2-5%, which can not be achieved by conventional dry powder products.

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