Water treatment industry

Apr 21, 2023

Polyacrylamide amide group and many substances affinity, adsorption to form hydrogen bonds, relatively high molecular weight polyacrylamide in the adsorption of ions between the formation of bridging, generating floc, accelerated particle settlement. Compared with the traditional inorganic flocculant, it has many varieties, can adapt to various conditions, small dose, high efficiency, less sludge generation, easy post-treatment.


● Urban sewage treatment

Among them, in the first-level treatment section of municipal sewage, inorganic coagulant is usually added first to pretreat the sewage, and then anionic polymer is added to improve the flocculation efficiency and reduce the content of small particles in the water. In activated sludge treatment section and digestion sludge treatment section, the use of medium and high energy cations is usually better.


● Industrial sewage treatment

Because industrial sewage involves more industries, the nature of industrial sewage of different industries are different, under normal circumstances, sewage containing high organic matter or acid cationic, non-ionic, containing a large number of solid suspended solids or alkaline sewage anion, non-ionic.


● River raw water treatment

River raw water contains a lot of suspended matter, should be pretreated with inorganic flocculant, and then add low residual polyacrylamide product flocculation

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