The Use of Polyacrylamide

Aug 21, 2023

1. Polyacrylamide dry powder or polyacrylamide emulsion usually can not be used directly, need to be diluted with water in a certain proportion, to be completely dissolved after use.


2. Dissolve polyacrylamide water with clean tap water, can not be sewage. Normal temperature water can be, generally do not need to warm.


3. Weigh the polyacrylamide dry powder or emulsion that needs to be dissolved, the dissolution ratio is usually 0.1-0.3%, that is, 1 ton of water plus 1-3 kg of polyacrylamide dry powder or emulsion.


4. The use of the site needs to have a dissolving tank or dissolving pool, and need to have a stirring device, stirring speed is 60-200 RPM /min, the dissolving tank, stirring device can not be iron, iron ions will cause product degradation.


5. The stirring time is 40-60 minutes, and the dissolved aqueous solution is a transparent and colorless viscous liquid.


6. First add a certain amount of water to the dissolving tank or pool, and when the water is submerged at the bottom of the mixing leaf, turn on the mixing, and at the same time continue to inject water, add the good reagent to the water slowly and evenly. Note: The speed of dosing is too fast, which will cause the drug to caking.

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