Dissolution of polyacrylamide

Jul 14, 2023

(1) Dissolved water: It is recommended to use low hardness water with a neutral PH value, use groundwater, dissolve inorganic substances or metal ions too much water is easy to reduce product performance.


(2) Dissolution time: dry powder products can be used after 1 hour to achieve the best performance (it is recommended that non-ionic dry powder products be dissolved for more than 2 hours). It is recommended that the dissolved solution be used on the same day, preferably not more than 24 hours, otherwise the polyacrylamide solution will degrade rapidly, and the use effect will be serious.


(3) Dissolved concentration: the usual dissolved concentration of cationic products is 0.2% (0.1-0.5% feasible); The dissolved concentration of anionic and non-ionic products is 0.1% (0.05%-0.3% feasible).


(4) The dissolution operation should be carried out in the tank of plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and other materials, the stirring speed should not be too large, generally 200 RPM is appropriate, the time is not less than 1 hour, the appropriate increase of the water temperature 20-30 ° C, can accelerate the dissolution, the maximum temperature of the pharmaceutical industry should be less than 60 ° C. When diluted solution is transported, high shear rotor pumps such as centrifugal pumps should be avoided, and low shear pumps such as screw pumps should be used.


(5) Full dissolution: Attention should be paid to the dissolution of this product, especially the automatic dosing device flow rate should not be too fast to prevent polyacrylamide caking, fisheye phenomenon, to prevent unnecessary trouble caused by pipeline blockage.

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