Is polyacrylamide harmful to the human body?

Aug 07, 2023

As soon as you hear the name polyacrylamide, you know that it is a chemical product. When it comes to chemical products, many people always worry about whether it is toxic. Let me explain to you whether it is toxic.Polyacrylamide is a linear polymer, and its products are mainly divided into two forms: dry powder and colloid. It itself is non-toxic, because when it enters the human body, most of it will be excreted in a short period of time, and basically will not be absorbed by the digestive tract. Most products containing polyacrylamide do not irritate the skin, only some of which may contain residual alkali after hydrolysis. Repeated and long-term use may irritate the skin, but it is harmless. Many polyacrylamide products have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Food and Drug Administration for drinking water treatment, juice clarification and vegetable washing.

Polyacrylamide is non-toxic and has the following three properties: 1. Flocculation. Polyacrylamide can flocculate suspended solids through electrical neutralization. 2. Adhesion. It can be combined by physical and chemical effects. 3. Thickener. It thickens under both neutral and acidic conditions, but is easily hydrolyzed when the pH value is greater than 10:00. The principle of its action is: 1. Flocculation principle: when polyacrylamide is used for flocculation, it is related to the surface properties of the flocculant, and the dynamic potential of the particle surface is the reason why polyacrylamide with the opposite surface charge adds surface charge, thereby reducing the dynamic potential. potential and cohesion. 2. Surface adsorption: various adsorptions of polar group particles on polyacrylamide molecules. 3. Reinforcement: Polyacrylamide molecular chains and dispersed phases link the dispersed phases together to form a network through various mechanical, physical, and chemical effects.

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