The Advantages of Polyacrylamide

Aug 14, 2023

Description and Purpose

PAM increases the soil’s available pore volume, thus increasing infiltration and reducing the quantity of stormwater runoff that can cause erosion. Suspended sediments from PAM treated soils exhibit increased flocculation over untreated soils.

The increased flocculation aids in their deposition, thus reducing stormwater runoff turbidity and improving water quality. PAMs may be used as a water treatment additive to remove suspended particles from runoff. PAMs may also be used to provide an appropriate medium for the growth of vegetation for further stabilization.


Improves stability of problem soils to prevent soil detachment (i.e. prevents erosion) in the first place

Provides quick stabilization where vegetation has yet to be established Promotes flocculation (reduces settling time) of smallest particles Increases soil pore volume and permeability, thus decreasing imperious cover

Less obtrusive than some conventional measures - doesn’t interfere with construction machinery/activity

Convenient and easy to apply and store along with other soil amendments (fertilizer, mulch, etc.) with conventional seeding, mulching, or irrigation equipment

Material is specifically designed for the soil, waters, and other on site


May prevent costly repair and reshaping of rilling or failing slopes

 Re-application may not be necessary for several months if treated areas are mulched Reduces seed, pesticide, and fertilizer (phosphorus and nitrogen) losses that hinder vegetation establishment on site, increase costs, and promote nutrient and chemical loading offsite Reduces windborne dust conditions

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